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Live or Die Zombie Survival v0.3.472 MOD (Unlimited Money) APK

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Descriptions :Live or Die: Zombie Survival (MOD, Free Craft) – a new Last Day style survivor! You will go to uninhabited

Descriptions :

Live or Die: Zombie Survival (MOD, Free Craft) – a new Last Day style survivor! You will go to uninhabited land where you have to build and build a house. To do this, explore the world and look for the right things to survive. You will be attacked by different monsters and you have to survive and last as long as possible.


After a long period of nuclear war, Live or Die now offers a vast and resource-rich world for players to explore and enjoy. The world is made up of many different regions, and they all have their own totally random creation each time the player enters them. Many fascinating and mysterious locations will appear regularly to create new challenges or experiences for everyone.


The game applies the top-down concept, so the mechanism of movement or interaction with the player’s environment is flexible and delicate. It also allows them to perform many operations or actions smoothly and thoroughly, and even sneak past countless enemy creatures unnoticed. Many new weapons will appear over time, giving players new potential to exploit more elements while surviving in a wild world.


If the player wants to overcome all of Live or Die’s difficulties, he must collect resources from his surroundings to develop things. However, when they travel to the outside world, they need the necessary tools or organize their bags efficiently to have all the necessary resources. Depending on the player’s survivability density, they require the quantity and quality of new resources to build or craft.


The list of crafting items only expands as the player levels up, but is necessary for traveling to more distant lands. Updating the crafting list gives people access to new items or equipment that they can use to process resources or crafts. Over time, each item or piece of gear stems from the painstaking and complex crafting of each individual era.

The pinnacle of entertainment in Live or Die are the dangerous locations with countless hostile creatures but plentiful items. Players sometimes need to visit these locations regularly after each reset to use resources or rare items to craft important vehicles. Not only that, these locations often have many high-value items for players to use to improve their quality of life through many unique methods.


The best thing about the game is that players can work together with friends to build communities of survivors to complete many missions or campaigns. Humans can also share items or work together to build things needed for shared survival purposes. However, communities can go to war, allowing for PvP opportunities, and people can loot items from other communities or wage wars.

Live or Die is one of the great survival games as its gameplay is deep and entertaining for players to enjoy for a long time. In addition, it introduces a multiplayer mode where everyone can enjoy the best time together in many special activities.

Features :

* An iconic post-apocalyptic full of enormous hidden dangers and resources to take players’ survival experiences to new heights.
* Flexible controls with outstanding mechanisms for maximum utilization in surviving the toughest and most unexpected situations.
* Online multiplayer to build and expand survival settlements or wage wars and raid other groups for excellent rewards.
* Immersive survival gameplay lets players build, craft, and explore anywhere without limits for extreme entertainment.
* Gorgeous graphics and visual effects to immerse players in an exhilarating survival environment and travel together with friends.

Live Or Die: Zombie Survival Pro MOD features

Live Or Die: Zombie Survival Pro MOD APK offers you the following features:

* Free Craft
* Maximum durability
* unlimited energy
* All unlocked

Last words about Live Or Die: Zombie Survival Pro

In general, Live Or Die: Survival Pro is a great survival game in 2018. The exciting features, unique storyline and huge mission system are the things that will make you not leave your phone.

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