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Toon Blast v9088 MOD (Unlimited Lives + Coins + Boosters) APK

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Description:Toon Blast is a puzzle game in which you have to clear the playing field from colored cubes and travel throu


Toon Blast is a puzzle game in which you have to clear the playing field from colored cubes and travel through the magical world together with the heroes of the famous cartoon. Here the user will find many exciting levels in which you have to break the combination of cubes to get points for it. Again, you can use a variety of bonuses to get through the stages more efficiently and faster and climb up the leaderboard. There is also an opportunity to team up with friends and play with them.

From Peak Games – the developer of Toy Blast – comes Toon Blast, another match 3 puzzle game for mobile that will have you hooked in no time. The game follows the general match 3 dynamics. It’s simple, bold, colorful, and you have to match the blocks to destroy as many as possible and get points.


For those who got bored with the classic match-three puzzle gameplay, Toon Blast should definitely be your new favorite Android game, as it has all the interesting features you could want and more.

Apart from that, the game allows Android players to immerse themselves in the unique and refreshing puzzle gameplay with rules similar to the classic match-three titles but with much more variety. Feel free to explore the epic world of Toon Blast while enjoying a series of exciting puzzle levels.

In the game, players will find themselves on similar puzzle boards, just like in other match-three games. However, instead of matching the three or more cubes with similar colors, you just have to tap on two or more cubes with the same colors to unfold them.

Match and place multiple cubes to collect fascinating cubes with specific abilities. Blast the board vertically or horizontally, unleash the special explosions that shatter the entire boards, and so on. Use these unique dice to overcome difficult challenges and advance to new levels.

Tips for playing Toon Blast apk

Don’t waste boosters. You only get so many boosters, and you can use them to blast away the entire board. They make it easy to beat difficult levels, but you only get so many of them initially and it’s very hard to find them later in the game. Because of this, it’s best not to waste them. Instead, only use them as an absolute last resort — maybe if you’ve failed a level a few times and are really stuck.

Don’t worry about stars until level 15. After level 15 you will unlock the star chest, which means you will actually store your stars. This doesn’t happen until level 15, so don’t worry about saving all those stars before level 15. Just beat the first few levels and focus on completing the later ones to collect stars if you really want to spend more time economically.

Join a team. You can create your own team after level 20 – or simply join an existing one. If it costs a lot of coins to form your own team and you can easily join someone else, your best bet is to just join someone else and save your coins. Once you’re a member of a team, you can send lives to your teammates – and receive them as gifts when you’re in trouble. It makes it easier to get through the later levels knowing your team has your back.

Rapid restoration of life. If you really need some fast lives, you can either wait a few hours for them to regenerate, or you can just go into your Android settings and change the date and time to trick the game into thinking that more time has passed. That’s exploitation, yes, but there’s an easy way to get it


Simple uncomplicated, but it takes time to master
Also, thanks to many intuitive starting levels and useful tutorials, you can easily learn how to play the game. Just keep in mind that it wouldn’t be that easy for you to fully master the game. Get ready for a series of captivating and rewarding levels with escalating difficulties whenever you are in the game.

Face multiple challenges and levels in the game
Speaking of which, Toon Blast also introduces Android gamers to many appealing levels and in-game challenges for you to pick up and enjoy. Start with the initial levels and challenges with less demanding and more intuitive gameplay. You may find that as you progress, you move up to more challenging gameplay. Not to mention that your prizes and loot will also be more rewarding with the higher levels.

Complete intriguing objectives and overcome unique obstacles
Each level will also challenge you with new obstacles to overcome and objectives to complete. Explore the deep and fascinating puzzle gameplay in Toon Blast as you find yourself in a completely different adventure. Use the unique puzzle mechanics to solve your quests and overcome the unique obstacles. It will be much more intriguing than your regular match three games.

Unlock awesome boosters to help you with your puzzle challenges
And for those of you who are interested, Toon Blast should definitely surprise you with the number of captivating boosters it offers. Apart from that, like other match-three puzzle games, you can connect multiple cubes of the same colors to create exciting boosters. Use their unique and awesome effects to effectively wipe out the entire game board. Feel free to shoot rows of cubes with your rockets, smash the whole board with your disco ball and so on.

Key Features:
* Complete tons of challenging levels and unlock new episodes!
* Play with unique game objectives and dozens of fun obstacles!
* Unlock crazy boosters to propel you to the next level!
* Collect stars by completing levels to win awesome rewards!
* Create your own team and compete against others to dominate the puzzle world!
* Gain lives from your teammates to keep playing!
* Easily sync your game between your phone and tablet!
* Easy and fun to play, but challenging to master!

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