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Delivery From the Pain Offline v1.0.9911 MOD (Full Version) APK

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Description:Delivery From The Pain is a survival strategy game with an amazing RPG storyline. It can take over 30 hours


Delivery From The Pain is a survival strategy game with an amazing RPG storyline. It can take over 30 hours to unlock an ending if you are familiar with survival games. In this game you are not Alice; You are just an ordinary survivor in a horrific zombie-infested world. During your adventure you will:

Delivery From the Pain has a lot of random resources and is one of the most important assets in the game. Players can use them to craft tools. Exploration and construction activities took place in the residence. Every day in the game flows like an authentic life. The character goes into stealth mode when the zombie is heard. The character can run when there are no zombies nearby. In an open map like a park, the player can use traps to catch small animals for food. Delivery From the Pain is an addicting survival game that you can’t miss.


In 201x, a research institute found a special drug that could help people cure cancer. This is the key to immortality. To address this research, Faith Energy Company released a vaccine called the Human X Plan. However, this vaccine failed miserably. It creates a virus that turns people into zombies and quickly spreads to all people. You’re a normal human, don’t have any special esper powers or anything like that. Join the survival journey, slay zombies and search for the origin of the Human X Plan virus.

Overall ratings
Survival is never easy. A person’s life or death does not depend solely on skills and experience. Sometimes it’s lucky that they meet on the street. But what if you are not alone in this place? How will the people you meet on the go or rationally completely change your thoughts about a post-pandemic world? Then try to experience Delivery From the Pain.

Find items to survive
At the beginning of the journey, you will be guided by an officer named Morgan. He will guide you how to get objects, how to move without making noise, … Zombie in this game is not too sensitive to noise. They don’t run wild to their deaths like in Zombieland or World War Z. Skillful movement can help you avoid encountering them. Also, if they follow you for a short period of time, they will give up.

Build your shelter
Also, Delivery From the Pain offers players a shelter. It is the place where you will be protected from zombies until the final stage. Your mission is to build a base with solid defenses enough to withstand zombie attacks. You know, zombies don’t tire, but you do. They will attack until you die, so you need a good base to protect yourself from the undead.

Last words
Delivery From the Pain MOD APK is an indie zombie survival game. Besides the mobile version, you can also try the PC version, which is still under development. In the mobile version you can play the first chapter and the opening for free. After that, pay some money if you want to experience the full content of the game. Delivery From the Pain will focus on exploiting the human aspect rather than the terror of the undead. It allows you to make your decision for survival.


* Unique doomsday experience with hidden game features.
* Multiple endings are full of mysteries and surprises. Which is the truth?
* A huge map with dangerous attractive urban 3D buildings.
* Lifelike NPCs with special timelines and impressive story development.
* Thought-provoking, consistent dialogue options.
* A range of weapons and a unique stealth system that will provide hours of combat experimentation and gameplay fun.
* Study system and workshop that offer countless strategic choices. Try to acquire the safest shelter right away!
* Over ten types of zombies with specific skills and four ultimate boss monsters are waiting for you.
* Google Drive sync support, you won’t lose your progress.
* Support for metal rendering to further increase performance!

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