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AL-Maathen – Prayer Times APK is a free app listed in Tools Apps. It is very easy to install AL-Maathen – Prayer Times a

New features in version 4.0:
– Adding the two Holy Mosques and most cities in Egypt, Tunisia and Turkey.
– Adding the feature of modifying prayer times.
– Aladhaan screen can be shown by clicking the app’s icon or widget.
– Solving the disabling problem for Aladhaan and alerts.
– The application is compatible with android 12.

New features in version 3.4:
-Solving the disabling problem for Aladhaan and alerts with Android 10.
-Adhaan Fajr mode options: Masjid al-Haram Adhaan, Takbeer only or media file from device.
-Media file chooser mode options: file list or folder list.
-Navigating previous and next day through Prayer-times for a specific date screen.
-Checking for updates through About screen.

New features in version 3.3:
-Adhaan mode options: Mouadhin list, Takbeer only or media file from device.
-Notification before Adhaan mode options: Hadith, 4 tones or media file from device.
-Notification after Adhaan mode options: Hadith, Iqamah, 4 tones or media file from device.
-Switch between Qaloon and Hafs through surat Al-Kahf screen.
-Adding the feature of resizing the Widgets.
-Adding more new cities to the application.

New features in version 3.2:
-Tapping Adhaaan screen, to whether turn off the sound or close the screen as set previously.
-Surat Al-Kahf Narrated by Qaloon and Hafs.
-Solve the problem of changing to silent mode.
-Adjust the Widget alignment for Arabic and English interfaces.
-Amend prayer times for some cities.

New features in version 3.1:
-Solve the problem that appeared when changing the device to silent mode if Do Not Disturb feature enabled.
-Correct the errors appeared in version 3.0.

The new features in the third version 3.0:
-Adding English interface to the application.
-The user has the ability to stop Aladhaan sounds and alerts from the main screen for each prayer.
-Showing the time that has passed for the previous Adhaan and what time is left for the upcoming Adhaan on the main screen.
-Adding the new feature of automatic city update.
-Adding the new feature of altering for a new version available of the application.

New features in version 2.4:
-Adding the feature of stopping the sound of Aladhaan or alert when you flip the mobile.
-Adding the feature of sunrise time to the Widget 3×2.
-Adding the feature of selecting between changing the mode of the device to silent and vibration.
-Solving the problem of stopping the Aladhaan sound during receiving or making a call, which appeared in the previous version 2.3.

New features in version 2.3:
-Adding reminder for Ad-Duha prayer.
-Adding reminder of Monday and Thursday fasting.
-Adding reminder of Mid-Hijri month fasting.
-Adding reminder of Surat Al-Kahf recitation.
-The accessibility to the application by clicking on Almaadhin widget.

New features in version 2.2:
-Solving the disabling problem for Aladhaan and alerts to certain devices with Marshmallow, Lollipop OS.
-Adding widget that shows how much time has passed since previous Adhaan and the time left to the upcoming Adhaan.
-Adding the feature of enabling-disabling app widgets.
-Restoring the screen of Aladhaan immediately after finishing calls.
-Adding the screen of Aladhaan and Alerts options.
-Correcting the prayer times for some cities.

New features in version 2.1:
-Adding the feature of delaying and repeating the alert of the Last Third of the night.
-The alerts and Aladhaan screen appears immediately even if the screen is locked with a password.
-Updating the widgets when you change the date of the device.
-Correcting the typing mistakes in Assabah and Almasa Adhkar.
-Enhancing the feature of choosing one Mouadhin or a group of Mouadhins.

Download APK(v4.0)

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