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AC Live Wire Detector v1.0 APK for Android download

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AC live wire detector app is a free tool base app which help you to find hidden wires, power lines, and metal objects. W

AC live wire detector app is a free tool base app which help you to find hidden wires, power lines, and metal objects. Wire and cable finder app can locate cables, metal objects, circuits and ground wires. If you want to find metal objects, wires, pipe or other metal cables then you can easily use this wire finder app.
AC live wire detector is the most helpful app for finding hidden metals and wires, this app was developed to help you find and detect hidden AC wires in walls with ease. This wire and wall scanner app contain on high detecting features which work perfect on all android devices.
Now it’s easy to find hidden ac live wires, just install this wire detector app for free and start finding hidden wires and metal objects. The smart scanning and wonderful design will make your hidden wire scanning experience smooth.
AC live wire detector app is really easy to use, open the app and click on start detecting button you have to move your phone through walls or other place where you want to find hidden metal and wires.
AC live wire finder app uses electromagnetic signals to locate exact position of AC wires, studs, and metal objects through drywall, concrete and other materials. Once the app find hidden wires, studs and metal objects it emits sound and vibration that allow you to easily mark that position.
The AC wire detector and cable tracker app works using your phone magnetic sensor, which detect electromagnetic radiation come from broken wires behind walls, or electrical circuits. This app also help you in finding pipes, metal objects like studs underground or behind walls.
AC wire finder app is developed to work perfect on all android devices, before you jump to find hidden wires, you have to check magnetic sensor in your phone, when you find exact place of magnetic sensor it will be useful for good detecting result.
How to use AC live wire detector app:
AC live wire detector app is a simple and easy to use android app which helps you to find hidden wires and cables using your smartphone. This app works using a magnetometer to find hidden wires and metal objects around you. The magnetic sensor app to find iron pipes, wires, studs, and metal objects. Once you open AC wire finder app just move your phone near a wall or any other place you want to detect hidden metals when the app finds any hidden objects it will give you an alarm with vibration so you can mark that location.
Features of AC Wire Finder App:
You can easily find hidden AC wires, power lines, and other metal objects.
AC wire finder app has multiple scan modes.
It uses the magnetometer sensor of your device for real and accurate measurements.
You can easily detect metal under wall, plaster and AC wires using this app.
Deep scan mode which helps you to find exact location of studs, AC wire and metal objects.
AC live wire detector app works perfect offline.
Wire and cable tracker app is free to download.

Download XAPK(3.2MB)

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